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Yes! I want Stealth Attraction

Please send me MY details for the Daygame Domination video training program RIGHT NOW.

I understand that the program is mine FREE to try for a full 30 days, all I have to do is cover the deposit.

If I love the program, I simply do nothing, and I’ll be billed in 3 affordable monthly installments of $97.

I know that only 1,000 access passes are available and as soon as they are sold out, this page will be pulled down.

  • The 9-Video Daygame Domination Home Study System

    9 Jam-packed videos (including 2 uncut bonus videos) that reveal the entire Daygame Domination System, step-by-step, line-by-line, technique-by-techniques. Pop these in, break out the popcorn and prepare to be transformed.

    These videos contain hour after hour of LIVE caught-on-tape Daygame Domination seductions so that you can see exactly how each and every move is done and how every line is delivered.

    These videos form the core of the Daygame Domination home study program and they’re yours when you claim your set of DGD today.

  • The Daygame Domination Manual

    The Daygame Domination Manual complements the videos by laying out the entire method, and all the tactics, in one easy to read guide.

    Want a refresher on the method after watching the videos? Crack open the manual. Curious about how to handle a particular situation? Not a problem. Simply flip through these pages and you’ll have your hands on the answer in no time.

I'll try out everything in Daygame Domination for a full 30 days... use it as I wish.. and if I’m not COMPLETELY satisfied, I can simply send an email asking for a refund. If I love the program, I’ll simply do nothing and be billed for the program over 3 months with just 3 easy payments of $97.

Richard La Ruina
Terms and Conditions

You have 30 days to review the program (the 30 days start as soon as you place the order), if you aren’t satisfied for any reason during the 30 day period, you can ask for a refund and cancel future payments. Read the full terms here.